eBay Workshop Homework

Class to beheld at the Morningside Library

2410 Morningside Boulevard

Port St Lucie, Florida

Room 103

October 28th, 2022 from 9 to 12noon.

 Before attending this free workshop for new sellers on eBay, consider doing some advanced study of vocabulary so the class discussion will mean more.

eBay has  great Glossary of terms used by them. Please consider printing then studying these terms. Find the list here eBay Glossary


eBay also has  great list of acronyms used at the website. Please consider printing then studying these acronyms. Find them here eBay acronym


The booklet used in this eBay class is available online. Consider printing it then looking over the contents. Find it at  http://www.oldpostcardsforsale.com/selling.htm

Lastly, make sure you can receive youtube videos. When you have a question about ebay, you can go to Google and ask your question. Here is a link to a video about ebay.

How To List An Item On eBay - Full Step By Step Tutorial 💰 - YouTube

Make sure you can access it. Turn up your volume. If this does not work for you, consider asking someone for help. The youtube platform will be handy when you run into a difficult problem.

That's it.  See you on the 28th of October, 2022.


David U. Larson