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Folder Postcards - Miniature Postcard Albums of Photographs

This form of postcard images has been popular from the 1920's through about the 1970's.

Here is a gallery of folders for sale from OldPostcardsForSale. Find the price in a list at the bottom of the images.

If an item is sold, there will be this symbol next to the item fpc number.

All prices include postage to any USA address. Items have to be sent as a parcel because of the inability of the envelope to bend. This typically results in a longer delivery time.

Please be patient. I send out items the day after payment is received.

Foreign buyers please email  for postage amount. Please include item number's so they can be held prior to purchase.

The item number is written on the sleeve of the folder and will not be on the folder, itself.

Find the first group of 100 folder postcards HERE

Find the second group of 100 folder postcards HERE

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