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Mc Guire Air Force Postcard Booklet

This original mint postcard booklet is vintage 1965. Can you believe that was over 44 years ago? The booklet contains TEN never used, still attached, photochrome postcards of Mc Guire Air Force Base in New Jersey. There are TEN postcards, each 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches with TEN souvenir smaller sized images, attached. I have a hobby of postcard collecting, buying and selling on eBay.  In the process I ran across these items. So I thought there might be someone else that would want one. Here's your chance. As they say on TV, supplies are very limited.

In 1963 I passed through Mc Guire on my way to the 6901st Special Communication Group in  Zweibrücken, Germany. Does anyone else remember flying in a hammock-like seat which faced the rear of the Air Force MATS plane? Could that really have happened? Some times my memories seem imagined. 

Then in 1966 I went through the discharge process at Mc Guire. So these images bring back memories. One clear memory is that the USAF kept me in an extra day so I could accumulate enough money to pay for the field jacket the AF issued to me in basic training, which they wanted back. I had not seen that jacket for years. And they wanted it back? Or they wanted me to pay for it. Of course, I had no money. I had been in Europe for 2 1/2 years in the Air Force. Money? No, I had none. So I worked another day in the USAF to earn another day of pay which was enough, apparently, to pay for the jacket. Ah, those great, silly, memories. I'm glad I gave my 4 years. 

Click HERE to see images of all the postcards in this booklet. You do not have to buy this booklet to have the images. That's why I put them on a separate page. You can copy and print them on your computer. I have set it up so the images will be 100%. Just a right click, copy, save, then print. 

If you do want to buy your own copy of the actual postcard booklet, then pay $6 for a mint copy to be mailed to any address in the USA, postpaid. You may pay with any debit or credit card. Click this Buy Now Button:

McGuire Air Force Base 1965 Postcard Booklet $6 Postpaid

If you prefer to pay with a check, money order, or mint USA postage stamps at full face value, eMail me at  for my mailing address. I'll save a copy for you while your payment makes it through the snail mail channels.


David U. Larson