Shipping and Returns



All orders are sent through the United States Post Office.

The shipping cost is added into each item based on weight with the exception of large heavy lots like TWENTY-FIVE cards or more.

In cases where there are several cards in a lot, postage will follow this scale:

1-4 cards Free to any USA address (Foreign $1)

5-12 cards $1 to any USA address (Foreign $3)

13-25 cards $2 to any USA address (Foreign $1 per 4 cards variable)

26-50 cards $3 to any USA address (Foreign request shipping in advance of purchase for more than 25 cards)

More than 50 cards up to 300 cards will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail in a flat rate envelope for $5 if they will fit, to any USA address.

The lots with 300 to 1,000 cards typically fit in a medium flat rate priority mail USPS box which has an actual cost of $10.80 to any USA address.

Note: I do not add to shipping for packing or handling.



If you do not like your item, you may return it to me.

I will refund all you have paid plus the postage amount to return the item to me with the same rate as was paid to send the item to you originally.

This means I will even refund the 65 cents to return a single postcard to me.

You can not lose with a deal like that. Check out my ebay feedback HERE. I am believable

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