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Computer Skills Needed

This is a minimum set of computer skills needed to pursue the hobby business of selling postcards on the internet through eBay. They are listed here in no certain order. But all are essential to participation in the computer based hobby business.

If you find a skill listed which you do not understand, then seek help from others or from online tutorials. You need to be able to:

1. Type slightly better than hunt and peck.
2. Search the internet with Google.
3. Open email program like Outlook Express. Update it from time to time..
4. Reply to email messages.
5. Print messages.
6. Use drafts in Outlook Express
6. Paste text from drafts into messages.
7. Create and send new email.
8. Create shortcuts on desktop. Save favorites to a folder.
9. Follow hyperlinks. Use back button to return.
10. Use refresh button.
11. Scan a postcard image and save to a folder. Create a new folder.
12. Download Turbo Lister Program and open it.
13. Follow online tutorial for turbolister.
14. Access online bank account.
15. Access My eBay account.
16. Access PayPal account.
17. Use WSFTP if you plan to send pictures to a memory other than eBay.

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