Bidding On eBay


Bidding On eBay

First, there is no protection to being outbid in the last seconds of any auction, any time, any day. There is a big wide world out there full or people that are free to do as they please. 

As Americans we would not have it any other way. 

But there is one thing you can do, that I do, to not have nonwinner remorse. Here it is. When you see an item on eBay that you want, think about how much is the most you would pay for the item if someone came to the door of your house selling it just to you. Although a bad answer is, I would pay as little as I could to get the item, that's how many people think. 

The better answer is this, I would pay this specific amount. And have a dollar amount in mind to offer. If you do not know how much you would pay, then research the item around to see what it typically sells for. Then set your maximum buy price. Then you offer the person at the door that much. If they accept, you're happy. If they do not accept, then you are not unhappy because you offered as much as you felt was correct to get the item. You would not pay more, regardless. 

Well, eBay is just about the same thing. When you see an item on eBay, enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay, less, that is LESS, shipping. So when the auction closes and you win, you are happy that you paid not more than you wanted to pay. If you did not win the item, then you did not know the true value of the item in the marketplace and someone else outbid you. Or someone else did not know the true value of the item and threw more money at it that it was worth. In either case, you are not unhappy because you offered as much as you were willing to pay. 

eBay has the computer power to remember the maximum amount you would pay for an item. It is called proxy bidding. You enter the amount you are willing to pay. But the amount on ebay entered for your bid by the computer is the next standard bid amount from the last bid. I had this situation today on eBay. I will willing to pay $20 for an item plus $4 shipping. So I bid the entire $20. The item page showed that I was willing to pay $4.50. That is because the computer entered the next higher bid from the last bid that anyone offered, not the $20 I was willing to pay. Shortened version of this story, I got the item for $4.50 plus $4 postage. But I was willing to pay the full $20. It's just that no one was willing to pay more than the $4.50 I bid. They didn't know about the $20 maximum bid I entered. So I got it. Great. You can read about proxy bidding on eBay. 

Search the help page for a link. Here's more from eBay: SOURCE

eBay has many items for sale in the stores category. If you go to the listing for any item, you can click stores and see what you can get, for how much, without bidding. Sometimes I prefer this technique because it saves me time. Look into stores.


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