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Selling Postcards On The Internet

The prospect of trying to sell unwanted postcards to others seems difficult regardless of the method used.

Selling all the postcards not wanted to a dealer is the easiest and least profitable.

Selling postcards to fellow collectors at club meetings will take forever.

Selling postcards to others at  postcard shows is labor intensive, expensive, and may not result in much profit after seller expenses.

Selling cards on the internet will require constant attention to detail but will result in the best return.

So, if you want a profit when selling postcards, if you would like to sell off the postcards you do not want in this lifetime, if you do not like the idea of possibly loosing money while selling postcards, then the internet may be just right.

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Computer Skills Needed

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Selling Postcards

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Postcard Sites On The Internet

Security Concerns

Sequence of Events

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