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Here are random thoughts about selling on eBay which were not mentioned on previous pages of this website.

Consider including postage in the bid amount for a single card to any address in the world.

Do not have a huge postage amount in the listing. This will be seen as a scam by buyers and they will not bid. Shipping should be just shipping, not most of the profit from the item.

Do not use threatening language in boiler plate. Nothing like if you don't pay, I will cut off your ear.

Do not enter negative feedback. Just swallow hard and move on.

Do not bother with buyers who have not paid after one month. Just wait a week after the one month notice then relist.

Do not try to get final value fees back from eBay for a non performing (nonpaying) bidder. It is a waste of time.

Refund the full amount without question when an item is returned.

Enter feedback for every transaction even if the buyer did not enter feedback for you.

Check PayPal daily to see if a payment was made for an item but no email was received. This has happened to me from time to time.

On large orders send a bonus item.

Automatically combine shipping when a buyer pays for several items at the same time.

Expect to encounter various problems from time to time. Approach each problem with a positive attitude.

Make sure the minimum bid you enter will be enough so you will not have sellers remorse if you get only one bid.

Hold back offering expensive items you might want to sell until you have a feedback of at least 50.  That way buyers will not be reluctant to bid a high amount.

Visit the seller soapbox forum now and then to see what other sellers are concerned about.

Encourage others to buy and sell on eBay to grow the community.

Become familiar with Global Priority Mail flat rate envelopes for orders going to foreign countries. They are a bargain depending on weight.

Be sure to include shipping for each item in the listing notice to minimize email questions about shipping.

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