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Generally speaking you do not need a knowledge of html computer language to sell postcards on eBay. There are a few situations where it would be helpful to know how to enter html. There are numerous tutorials at eBay to help you if you want to work on html.

Here are those few situations:

How to add a hyperlink to text in your listing. Use the following html code

<a href=(URL of linked page)>Title of linked page</a>

What this will get you is a way to have a person click on text on your listing page and be taken to some other informational page automatically.

How to add more pictures to your listing.

<img src=(URL of image)>

How to add music to your listing.

<bg sound=(URL of music file)>

How to add gifs to your listing.

<img src=(URL of gif)>

Not too difficult, eh?


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