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Across the United States and around the world there are many huge postcard shows. There isn't one single place to go on the internet to find a complete list. But a Google search produces many smaller lists which may be of help in finding a show to attend. Here are the links from Google. SOURCE

1. Courthouse Square Antique Postcards:Postcard Show Schedule
2. Richard's Stamp Shop - Show Schedule Page
3. Welcome to The Old Post Office: Postcards - 2006 Show Schedule
4. Welcome to The Old Post Office: Postcards- Whats NEW - 2005 Show ...
5. Postcard Show Schedule
6. (My Postcard Show Schedule)
7. VSC Stamp Show Schedule
8. RMPL - Stamp Show Schedule
9. Antiques & Art Around Florida - Show Schedule January
10. Checker Distributors - Show Schedule
11. Pencil Drawing - Jerry Van Leer :: Van Leer Illustrated, Inc.
12. ETSU Slocumb Gallery - Call for Entries 2005 Postcards Show
13. Show Schedule
14. DM's Postcard & Paper Links Here you'll find some of our favorite ...
15. Classic Postcards
16. Charlene Marsh Schedule of Shows Fiber Tapestries and Plein Air ...
17. Rasmussen's Paper Collectibles
18. Courthouse Square Antique Postcards: Rick Geary Postcards
19. PostcardArt.US Schedule
20. Dallas Metroplex Postcard ClubMessage Board
21. Application Application Application
22. Our Shows
23. Postcard Images eBay Store About My Store
24. ETSU Slocumb Gallery - 2005-06 schedule
25. Windham Art Gallery - Curator's Manual
26. RMPL - Events
27. Vintage Postcards: Links to Related Sites for Postcards, Antiques ...
28. Exhibitions, Screenings, Perfomances & other events
29. Aziza Sa'id's Mid-Eastern Belly Dance On-Line Post Cards
30. 2006 Antique Shows, Antiques, Collectibles and Memorabilia ...

Dealers set up at the shows with thousands of cards. Here are pictures of typical postcard dealer tables at a show.



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