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From time to time a large quantity of postcards is available for sale in mixtures. One lifetime just isn't enough to add every card individually to a list of postcards for sale. So the mixtures offered for sale here get cards in the hands of other collectors for a reasonable price, and quickly. They do not last long. First come first served.

Order Details

All postcards are priced at 30 cents per card regardless of size, subject or age. This makes my task of determining a price much easier. 

Postage for less than 50 cards in the same order is $2.00 per order. These orders are sent USPS First Class Mail.

The postage is $4 per order when 50 or more postcards are ordered at the same time. These orders are sent USPS Priority Mail since this is less expensive than First Class and only slightly more than Parcel Post.

Foreign buyers please send your address with your order so actual mailing charges can be determined.

Full refund is issued if you do not like what you received. This refund will also include the postage to return the item to me. No risk here. Just good postcards at a reasonable price.

Here's how to order.

When you find a postcard mixture which you would like to purchase, send me an email with the item number. Each postcard mixture number starts with PCM for postcard mixture. 

When I receive your email, I will remove the item for sale from my listing. Then I will hold the item for you until payment is received. You can pay with a check, money order, or use the PayPal online payment system with any debit or credit card.

When payment has been received, your item will be sent the next business day. 

If you order an item which has been previously ordered by someone else, before I could remove it from the listing of available mixtures, I will send you an email letting you know. 

There are limited quantities of these items. What you see listed is all I have available for sale. I do not have a back-up stock to search. I list everything I have as soon as I can. More mixtures may be added as time allows.

Older cards are considered  as those from prior to 1950. Continental size postcards are those made after 1950 to present.

Please note, I am selling off my postcard collection and accumulation. I  am not interested in buying more postcards. I do intend to continue to collect selected topics. See my favorites HERE.


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